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You can easily access the professional and personal development trainings you need on the INVIVO ACADEMY Education Portal. Invivo Academy is an educational institution located in England, specializing in mental health and personal development training, especially psychology, psychotherapy and coaching. Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone does not matter. You can access our trainings effectively from any environment at any time. Member experts of our site can experience the training as an interactive process by contacting other experts if they wish.

About us

“INVIVO ACADEMY is a training center operating in England and responds to the training needs in the field with the many trainings it provides in the field of Psychology Education and Psychotherapy Education.

INVIVO ACADEMY provides the participation of experts working in the field of psychotherapy and mental health specialist candidates who are continuing their education, from many parts of the world through Distance Education, to psychology trainings that include the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need. To date, thousands of psychologists, psychology students, other mental health professionals and experts working in the field of psychology have received online psychology training.”

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What our trainees say about us.

"CBT training was full of examples and was very instructive.


Gizem D.

I took the Psychoanalytic Therapy Training online. It was a very satisfying educational experience.


Irem H.

I attended couple therapy training. The instructor is very experienced and teaches very well.


Tuna O.


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